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On Windows 2000/XP you should have a copy in your C:\WINNT\System\system32 directory (look for OPENGL32. In this article, I will show you how to quickly write a basic Open GL application in VB. In the New Project dialog, select Visual Basic Application and Windows Application.

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Open GL was originally developed by SGI, and is now available in commercial and free incarnations. Next, you will need a copy of the Cs GL library, written by the team of developers headed by Lloyd Dupont.

In case you have never heard of it, Open GL is an industry standard multi-platform API for 3D graphics supported by virtually all of the major players in the broadly defined field of computer graphics, computer animation, multimedia, and computer games. Cs GL is not another implementation of Open GL, but a set of wrappers for the Open GL DLL that glue your C# or VB. It is written with C# programmers in mind, but it works rather well with VB. The library has a BSD-like license, which means that you can use it in commercial applications, if you obey its (very liberal) terms. Just download the binary distribution (I used version 1.4.1), unpack it with a tool like Win Zip, and run the Project.

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