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But other than the detective in the wheelchair there’s pretty much no other similarities between our show and that one.

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When Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) is released from prison following the death of his wife (Emily Browning), he meets the mysterious Mr.

Wednesday (Ian Mc Shane), with whom he makes a deal that will change the course of his entire life.

So it doesn’t seem like having children made me soften my choices [laughs].

If anything it seems to have pushed me in the opposite direction, maybe because I have such a normal and calm and healthy existence.

I have to say though, if there was every a character or thing that took off in such a big way that I was forever associated or known for that thing, it would definitely be a blessing and a curse, I think. You know, I read a bunch of interviews with you and people consistently seem to be disappointed that your mustache on is not real. There is, like you said, kind of a disappoint of “Well he’s not that guy.” Because the character is so distinct I think there is a real hope that that guy exists somewhere in the world. That was my biggest request for the character was that haircut.

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