Perryton girls on webcam on blackbook

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The fence rolls were covered, as well as the chicken coop, and barns. The worst dust storm in the memory of the oldest inhabitants of this section of the country hit Perryton at five o'clock Sunday afternoon, catching hundreds of people away from their homes, at the theatre, on the highways, or on picnic parties.

She then tried to gather some of the chickens into the hen house.

— On April 14, 1935, around four or five in the evening, a bad dust storm approached the area.... It became pitch black, so dark you couldn't see your hand in front of your eyes. Grandfather Carter told everyone to be sure the windows were rolled up tight as possible.

— By 24 March [1935] southeastern Colorado and western Kansas had seen twelve consecutive days of dust storms, but there was worse to come.

Near the end of March a new duster swept across the southern plains, destroying one-half the wheat crop in Kansas, one-quarter of it in Oklahoma, and all of it in Nebraska—5 million acres blown out.

They went on picnics, planted gardens, repaired henhouses, attended funerals, drove to the neighbors for a visit.

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