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When Orchard Towers was built in 1975, it was meant as a retail and office hub.

In its primordial years, early versions of Ipanema and Naughty Girl that rented spaces alongside tailors and electronics stores started carrying out seedy business, which opened the flood gates.

It all came as a horrifying shock to Gloria, who never imagined she could find herself in servitude in the national capital of a country lauded as a beacon of democracy."I didn't expect here in Australia that things will happen, because I know in Australia they have strong laws, with human rights," she said.

But Gloria is not alone - each year the Australian Federal Police (AFP) conducts dozens of investigations into allegations of human trafficking, slavery and labour exploitation.

Two employees of rival massage parlours ended up in hospital and subsequently on front page news recently, when they assailed each other with sharp high-heeled shoes and claws a flying, in a bid to win the heart of a potential customer passing by.

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