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There’s no set of hard and fast rules, but six months to a year after divorce seems to be a good rule of thumb for getting back into the game. Refer to this list often and modify the list as you go.

This means taking some time off after your divorce to consider you, your needs, and your kids’ needs. It’s going to be tempting to rush headfirst into mad love, but you’re not starring in a cheesy rom-com and now you’re not the only vulnerable one.

She’s the one who purchases pretty lingerie and lets fireflies loose in her chest. But there’s one thing I know she is — and that’s goddamn invincible.

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You can be crazy about your new partner, but that doesn’t mean your children are going to bond with them (at least not right away). Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments.

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I’m meeting a guy I matched up with on a few dating apps about a year ago. I’m looking forward to meeting him too, but I’m reluctant to allow myself to feel as excited. In the last few years, I’ve dusted myself off after a divorce and a devastating breakup (or three.) I’ve re-established my career in education and began to pursue a new passion in publishing. In an attempt to stop stressing myself out, I decided it was the latter. I roll the glass of wine between my fingers and check my phone for about the 50th time.

Now, I suppose I’m treading water in the five-foot area. I thanked him for a nice night and wished him well. Except I spent the rest of the day worried that I was too blasé about the encounter because I was broken from my previous relationships. Or was there just not a spark with this particular guy?

But why does this process have to be so unromantic and unsexy?

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