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This sequel in many respects is more of the same, partially streamlined to be more accessible, but more hardcore at the same time, without compromising on the style and gameplay foundations which worked so well the last time around.But it’s more than just a rehash of what has gone before, and the concepts established in the first Super Mario Galaxy.With it’s magical atmosphere, delightful art styles, stunning graphics, and exemplary level design it was one of the best games to come out of Nintendo since the N64 days, and Super Mario 64 itself.

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The biggest addition to SMG2 is the inclusion of Yoshi, who has been missing in action for far to long in a Mario game.

He hasn’t changed much from his debut in Super Mario World on the Super NES, keeping both his tongue grabbing and hovering abilities at the forefront of what he’s all about.

SMG2 also expands upon the gravitational ideas and shifting perspectives introduced to us in the first game, whilst adding practically a new gameplay mechanic almost in every level.

Nintendo have taken onboard what worked, and ditched perhaps what didn’t, or rather what did, but just not as well as it could have.

It is a far more convenient way of displaying all of the game’s levels, which are now easier to find and keep track of, than to have to hunt around for them in the old hub world.

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