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Former New York politician and current socialite Andy Stein tried to invite her to an event.

Washington lawyer and Obama book agent Bob Barnett lingered a bit too long at Conway’s table.

24 and forwarded to me as an example of the multitude she says she gets, “You have more class in you’re [sic] little finger than the entire press corp. Also if you ever get divorced please look me up.”)Curiously, and perhaps as an affirmation of Trump’s media strategy, this also has made Conway quite a star, sustaining the current Trump-versus-media paradigm: Hate ’em but can’t get enough of ’em.

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The operative’s ultimate cachet is to be heard and not seen. When the president- elect kept pressuring her to take the job, she still was having none of it.

In this quest or opportunity to make it into history, Conway, as much as the president might need her as a defender and want her as provocateur, understands she is sorely overexposed from her sometimes six shows before 9 a.m. In fact, so determined has she been to be inside — “where 95 percent of what I say to him will never be public” — she turned down any job with “communications” in the title.

Even Nicole shows more promise than these former dating show bums.

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Then, too, as operative and lawyer and blonde, she had become a Republican media personality on cable television during the George W. She and her husband, George, a partner and litigator at Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz, among the most well-connected and elite corporate firms, then lived in Trump World Tower, across the street from the U. He had seen her on television and admired her aplomb. Conway did some polling for Trump when he was considering a run in 2011 and came to regard him as a viable political outsider.

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