Sagittarius dating a pisces

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Pisces is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac; on the other hand, Sagittarius tends to be too blunt.Their methods in reaching their goals differ, so the usually fired up Archer may get annoyed with Pisces who tends to drift to la – la land.Both signs like to collect snapshots, scenes and memorable anecdotes from their travels. They share a traditional ruler—Jupiter, the planet of optimism and making out the luminaria-lit path.

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Sagittarius has steady aim, and in career goals, is that guiding hand for Pisces that helps them thrive.

Sagittarius finds overarching meaning, the big picture, and is often a natural as a teacher or journalist.

It is important that she is involved with someone who will make her feel appreciated and not take advantage of her. He loves the idea of being in love because for him it is a puzzle that needs to be solved. A man must be as adventurous, intelligent and free-spirited as she is in order to understand her ways and keep the relationship running smoothly. When this man is certain about someone, he will not hold back and be honest with his feelings.

Charming Sagittarius man is a true blue adventurer. However, it takes the right kind of woman to pin this elusive man down. She loves to be around people because of her desire to know more about them and life. Pisces man gets attracted to genuinely nice, affectionate and artistic women.

In love, Sagittarius being a Fire sign tends to rush foolishly into love.

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