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The 32-year-old minister in charge of the Northern Powerhouse was tasked with the original effort by Tory MPs to secure an EU referendum by introducing a Private Member's Bill to Parliament as earlier as 2013.

Mr Wharton, who surprised pollsters by extending his majority in the north east seat of Stock-on Tees in last year's election, announced on Facebook he was backing Brexit, saying: 'We should look to the world, not just the EU'.

She was very offended at being asked to stop parking on our drive in front of our garage!!

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She will be able to access official government material to make the case for staying in the EU - unlike her anti-EU colleagues 'This includes access to official departmental papers, excepting papers that Ministers have previously seen on issues relating to the referendum question prior to the suspension of collective agreement.

These rules will apply also to their special advisers.' Civil servants and ministers who breach the rules are likely to face disciplinary action.

The key paragraph announcing the ban on the use of material for pro-Brexit arguments states: 'As set out in the Prime Minister’s letter it will not be appropriate or permissible for the Civil Service to support Ministers who oppose the Government’s official position by providing briefing or speech material on this matter.

Home Secretary Theresa May, seen arriving for today's Cabinet meeting, boosted Mr Cameron by backing his campaign to keep Britain in the EU.

It started out when we noticed the lady who delivers newspapers locally would park up on our drive (in front of our garage blocking our cars in) - she would then potter off and deliver a few papers before moving.

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