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by  |  17-Jan-2017 08:22

For those who appeal they need to be confident their inclusion in the 5% is temporary, and it doesnt happen again in 12 months time.

I accept it is possible the odd farmer will successfully appeal on temporary grounds, which were beyond their control.

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However the reality is that the campaign goes back to AHDBs strategic decision last year to do more promotional activity with Dairy UK / The Dairy Council and it has taken this long to get something sorted.

Quite why it has taken this long is another matter.

If Tescos range of farm profitability and COP are similar to Old Mill and The Farm Consultancy Groups the worst dairy farmers will either have to change how they operate or suffer in silence with their loss-making hobby.

Clearly some require an intravenous injection of support and assistance because in a post Brexit world its going to be a lot more competitive and tougher.

In fact, on analysis, if a producer scored maximum points in the health index or carbon foot printing it is highly unlikely they would figure in the bottom 5%.

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