speed dating advice questions - Sexual boundaries christian dating

by  |  31-Aug-2016 03:56

— because 1) sex (and many things leading up to sex) are addicting, 2) because our hormones were designed to put fuel on the fire, and 3) because we’re often led into intimacy by the guy we’re with.

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I have recently enetered a relationship with a christian girl, and both her and i have a growing concern about having a relationship that pleases GOd…

so we have been talking and not sure on what boundaries should be set in order for us to glorify God at all cost , we no the main one is no sex before marrige….

A few of you posted comments asking why we couldn’t just stop the physical side of our relationship instead of having to break up.

” where I shared that my heart got shattered when I broke things off with a guy I had been dating married-style.

What this looks like in your situation specifically, might be different to someone elses.

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