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The first described species was initially assigned to the genus Labrus as Labrus julis (Linnaeus, 1758).As the first person to describe animals using the binomial nomenclature now in use, Linnaeus often was too inclusive, lumping together animals that later specialists would separate into different groups.


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Furthermore, the different dining lifestyle is further revealed by a few montable features, most notably a reduced jaw and pharyngeal dentition, aiding in the capture of swimming or passing food items.

In much the same fashion, a different vertebrae and dorsal ray count, along with larger dorsal and anal pterygiophores (the bones with which the fins join the body), have helped to keep Ophthalmolepis as a distinctly recognized genus as well.

The fishes placed in the Labridae family characteristically use their pectoral fins extensively for swimming, rarely using their tail, and then usually as a means of escaping danger. It can be found occasionally in aquarium stores as this species is wide-ranging and plentiful in the Pacific, especially near the Philippines. At the beginning of the 19th century Lacepede (1801) introduced the new genus Coris.

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