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But if a girl is going off to see her boyfriend every fortnight, and his friends are always around him, she might feel that she’s being a bit sidelined, and not special. Perhaps ask yourself, are you having a one to one relationship with someone or with your friends?Also it’s normal not to always like the friends of your boyfriend or girlfriend, as we are all different. It is better to wait until you are together face to face? What is important is being able to resolve a problem rather than sulking and ignoring each other.If people are feeling like they are being separated they inevitably feel more sensitive to things due to anxiety, and your partner should get that.

So if you feel one partner is wanting to meet up and the other is less inclined and for petty reasons, that is a bad sign.

Do long distance relationships really make it harder to stay faithful? While you may think you really love that person, your friends in the meantime are going out and having fun and it’s bound to make you feel really lonely.

” and the other one is thinking “I do love you but I need a bit of space”.

Wherever you are in the world you should make an agreement about how often you talk, but without making a rigid, obsessive, compulsive regime of “at 6pm every day we must speak”.

If you’re stuck in a lecture and thinking “oh god I have to talk to him” you’ll feel trapped and resentful and more likely to end a relationship.

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