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and she does not hesitate to hide any it." Matthew Gilbert of The Boston Globe described Jenny stating: "Dreary, confused, introverted narcissist [...] downcast, secretive, almost Goth in her black moodiness, she is the epitome of an unhappy egotist.

She is so consumed with the ups and downs of her own depression and self-loathing, she just doesn't have the energy to look outward.

Jenny's character was unpopular with both fans and critics throughout the entire series because of her frequent narcissistic tendencies, her prima donna ways, her egotistical attitude, irresponsibility, frequent self-pity and selfish persona.

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She was alone in battling the heartache, along with facing "an overwhelming identity crisis" in a place that was not yet her home.

Kirshner opined that the situation with Jenny was "not pretty".

Her misery is her mirror, and she's forever gazing into it." New York Magazine describe Jenny as a capricious yet obnoxious type of character adding that she can be patronizing.

They also observe her as looking "fabulous, fun, and sexy but her downfall is her annoying side." They introduce her to Marina Ferrer (Karina Lombard), she senses that Jenny wants some danger in her life.

This latter assessment was based early on around her recurrent lying, and the fact she seems to excuse her own cheating in the first few seasons as a corollary of empowerment and as research for her book: which features an experimentalist female character who is evidently herself.

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