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In general, response or recourse for victims of crime is extremely limited, if not non-existent in the Republic of the Congo The local equivalent to the “911” emergency line to reach the police in Gabon's major cities are the following phone numbers: Libreville (177, or 72-00-37,) Port Gentil (55-22-36) and Franceville (67-72-76 or 67-72-94).

While these numbers exist, they are not always answered.

Outside Dhaka, the caller will need to include the city code for Dhaka by dialing "02-999"there are separate numbers for different types of services and also for different cities.

Within Ouagadougou, emergency numbers are as follows: fire department, 50-30-69-47, 50-30-69-48, or simply dial 18; ambulance service, 50-30-66-44 or 50-30-66-45; police, 50-30-63-83, 50-30-71-00, or simply dial 17; Gendarmerie, 50-31-33-39 or 50-31-33-40.

Please check your calling card description for fee details.

We recommend these calling cards for all types of calls, but you have to understand the fees and plan your calls appropriately.

For long calls to countries with high per minute rates you may get a better deal by using calling cards with "service fees" or other "hidden charges".

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