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Date is Awful host, oversells tickets, refuses to give refunds, then makes up scenarios to protect himself. Find a better provider.*The reply below is yet another example of this hosts attitude.

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Of course, this was declined as it was his choice to leave the event and I was actually doing him a favor by offering to transfer his ticket. But I was not very pleased that some of the men who participated in last Saturday's speed dating event were not single (they had girlfriends/partners) and those men were just there as part of their stag do. Hey Tania, Thank you for leaving a 5 star review about our Speed Dating events but we are sorry to hear about your recent experience with the 'stag do' that attended our event.

He then flipped at me and accused me of lying saying that the reason he left is because there were not enough women (he left 15 minutes before the event started) he then accused me of overselling tickets, making things up and all sorts of nonsense and shortly after posted this review which is complete rubbish! This is a very rare situation (infact, it's never happened before and doubt it will again!

What a horrendous host and business model, which is basically lying to people and taking their cash.

I have never in my entire life said 'they're all dogs', I have 3 sisters and that is a ludicrous statement* ***PLEASE READ*** This customer purchased a ticket to a Speed Dating event at One Kew Road in Richmond on 13/06/17.

I've been to a handful of Dateina Dash events now and have always had a good time.

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