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Deciding you want to become a Graphic Designer is one thing but we are going to look at five points that you ought to know about being a Graphic Designer.This article is designed to make you aware of what it takes in order to become a successful and well rounded Graphic Designer.Having a network is very important in this line of work; it can sometimes be a case of “knowing someone that knows someone” and this is known as viral marketing and can be very useful with huge results.

Once you have this online you then need to advertise it, let people know of your services and where they can view your work.

Make sure that you choose quality over quantity, only upload work that is going to make a fast impression and work that you are proud of.

Unfortunately, none of the female applicants stated their willingness to meet married men.

If there are more, we will arrange but we cannot proceed with just one applicant. HSD, which began last year, is the brainchild of Munirah and her husband Zuhri Yuhyi.

Only those who have passed the vetting process by the organiser will be invited to attend and the ticket is priced at RM120 per person or RM80 for early bird registries.

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