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Svabenik added: 'I think about our kids — it’s kind of asking babies to shoulder their parents’ lot in life.An employee at a Starbucks in downtown Seattle was fired for taking a wrapped breakfast sandwich out of the trash can after a coworker had thrown it away, according to Q13and The Stranger.

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A spokesman for Starbucks stated that it is against the company’s policy for anyone to consume food that has been marked as out of stock after its expiration date and that the policy was in place to protect the health and safety of employees so that they do not eat expired and possibly spoiled products.

However, the spokesman did not state that the company considered an employee’s eating a marked-out product to be stealing.

Set to go into effect in October, non-store employees will be eligible for up to 18 weeks paid time off after having a baby, while store workers will be granted only six weeks of paid leave.

Starbucks was delivered an 80,000 signature petition from outraged baristas on Tuesday.

If the employment contract or written policies did not mention eating marked-out food, or if the manager did not follow the correct procedures, that could possibly give rise to a wrongful termination case.

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