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by  |  19-Feb-2017 09:33

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(Rather than losing 2 weeks in a fog, as I’ve done before.) Fortunately, I did get to see a nice variety of photography to share with you here.

And I even get to use the word “dick” again, as it was tossed about with shocking abandon by the keynote lecturer, Duane Michals.

He works full-time for Epson, which means I now have a super-hookup for lots of swag. Her training is in other media, and she came to photography rather recently.

He already sent me a new 44″ photo printer, so you should be very jealous. I’ve received nothing of the kind.) Brian’s set-up photos were hilarious, and also a shade poignant. She showed me three portfolios, and I could actually see her working it out, sequentially.

(Yes, even more nakedly than I do here each week, if you can believe it.) In the end, I had a bad series of interactions with a fellow artist, and labeled him a “dick” in this forum. Honestly, he stopped talking to me over it, though we’ve since patched things up.

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