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" She caressed my balls and whispered in my ear, "Never will I desert you, my darling husband and lover. "Tell you what, let's take a little time to research this, get some information, then make a decision based on that." "Mmmm", she sighed.

Her black hair is beautiful on both her head and pubes. We talked it out, then I brought home a guy from the gym." "How did it go? Now, his cock was not huge, maybe eight inches compared to my seven, but quite thick. I cautiously asked around, giving no hint of my purpose. Another franchisee was coming to town for a regional meeting.

I lick and suck her sweet cunt nearly every day, and fuck her almost as often. This pleased Trixie no end, as she had never been fucked by that much cock. Susan said nothing; she gave me complete charge of finding her lover. My boss, in a conversation, mentioned that his friend was a black fellow who had made a great success of him self.

She loves my cock, both in her mouth and in her pussy. We have occasionally delved into swapping, and she enjoyed another man's cock, but made sure I understood she was mine and mine alone. " "Well, last night Susan mentioned she would like to try a black man just one time, to satisfy her curiosity. Anyway, I kissed and licked it, licked and kissed his balls, then began sucking it. He told me several glowing things of his character and personality.

We have no children, so entertaining these fuck parties is no big deal. "Well, we have always enjoyed each other, and once in a while others, and you have encouraged me to make love to other women. "Well, you have provided me with every opportunity to experience the wealth of sexual adventure, save for one! ' She cuddled even closer, gave me her winning smile, and, looking into my eyes said, "I would love, just one time, never again, to fuck a black man! We have a standing rule; no fucking others unless both are present. I had reservations, and we haven't made a decision yet. I consider myself a rather good cock sucker, and he seemed to agree. As luck would have it, he, Anthony, came into the office to meet with my boss. He was a great conversationalist; we talked for almost two hours over lunch. He casually mentioned he would be returning to our town in about a month for another meeting.

" We took her in the back and this White Big Booty Hoe did the damn thing! She'll take it deep into her mouth and I felt the back of her tonsils.

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