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Jennie and Tyrone lunch in the cafeteria with her friends.They start teasing each other, but then the playing turns to insults. When Jennie gets up and says, “Get away from me, I hate you,” Tyrone says, “Shut up” and slaps her across the face. Tony and Emily have been going out for a few weeks, and he is beginning to act like he owns her.But you can decide for yourself what sort of relationships you want to have with your friends and your boyfriends or girlfriends. In every culture, people have certain ideas about what it means to be a man or a woman. When you first start going out seriously, stereotypes can get you really confused about how you or the person you’re going with ought to behave.

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To understand why relationship violence happens, start by thinking about some of the situations you deal with every day.

When you first begin to go out with someone seriously, you have new and unfamiliar experiences.

So, they may feel that they have to do only what the guy wants, or they may put up with the guy ignoring them, treating them badly around other guys, being really possessive, or being violent or abusive.

Both girls and boys often have the idea that boys can’t control themselves when it comes to sex.

There’s just the “right thing” and the “wrong thing.” Violence and abuse are always the wrong thing.

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