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Look for the About This TV submenu, and click on User Agreements.There are three options to consider: Viewing Information, Personal Advertising, and Voice Information.Turning off Voice Recognition Services will disable voice control, a feature that sends your voice commands to a third-party vendor for processing.

Like the details of what you like on Facebook or search using Google, information collected by TV makers can be sold to big data brokers who compile consumer information for sale to marketers.

ACR data also can be harnessed to target television viewers with specific ads—a practice that consumers are used to on the web but that's just getting started in the television world.

But unlike Vizio, those companies require people to nominally agree to the practice by clicking "OK" to a privacy policy during setup.

Consumer Reports has been writing about this technology, which is often called automatic content recognition (ACR), since 2015, and since then it has only become more widespread.

Here are instructions on how to do that with Vizio, Samsung, and LG televisions, the leading brands in the U. Vizio has used more than one system for content recognition, but the feature's name has been consistent: Smart Interactivity.

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