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For example, suppose you want to make sure that a password field doesn't match the first name of the user (for security reasons).You can do this by creating an Note The keen-eyed among you will have noticed that the prefix of the getter ("get", "is" or "has") is omitted in the mappings for the YAML, XML and PHP formats.This page contains information for Soap UI Pro that has been replaced with Ready! To try the new functionality, feel free to download a Soap UI NG Pro trial from our website.

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But I have 114 different types of XML request which I have to validate against 114 respective XSDs. I want to keep this validation in such a way to make the solution generic. Will it be a good solution to use XSLT for validation purpose? Regards, Ajay Pr Singh Well, in our project we have what we call "pivots" (which is a widely known functional object across the SI). An XSD is the technical representation of a "pivot version".

Thus, for finding the right XSD we need to know : which pivot is being processed and in which version.

Are you trying to validate an arbitrary number of XML messages against their associated schema without needing to actually load a parsed DOM representation of the message?

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Constraints can also be applied to the return value of a method.

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