Verifiedonlinedating com Women chat rooms private

by  |  16-Mar-2017 05:23

Using our own technologies and verification methods to make attempts to verify genuine users.

Responding to user complaints about suspicious profiles; Working with third party services that use enhanced techniques to monitor activity and assist in scam prevention. You can reduce the risk of being contacted by a scammer through our messaging system if you ensure that your mail settings are set to receive mail from Trusted Members only.

If it’s a person they may be trying to get money out of you, or take your identity.

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If it’s a business they may be trying to divert you from our site to competitor sites.

For example, some girls promote adult web cam sites, and these sites may or may not be real.

If someone is marked as being a Trusted Member on their profile, it means that they have asked us to verify their identity.

Members can choose to have us do this by paying a minimal monthly fee for us to verify their payment card details using a third party provider, or members can opt for free verification which uses your mobile phone or a call to the Customer Support.

Instead they may use your personal details to send unwanted advertisements or ask for money (which is known as a scam).

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