What does ohac mean on dating sites safe dating tips for teens

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WLTM (Would Like To Meet) is an abbreviation commonly used in the personal descriptions of people looking for partners on internet dating sites.

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The closer these aspects of who you are to those of a potential partner, the better chance of an enduring relationship.

LTR should be the only abbreviation, not the relationship itself!

(A term like WLTM would cost the user the fee for one word as opposed to four.) WLTM is an initialism abbreviation.

Technically, this means it is pronounced using its individual letters (i.e., Dublyu Ell Tee Em), but as this is harder to say than "Would love to meet," it is not often uttered using its letters.

After a couple of years of dating and all is well, I would think moving in together would be the next logical step as she's probably left half her stuff at your place anyway and you have at hers.

What does ohac mean on dating sites

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