dating vintage clasps - White man dating indian women

by  |  15-Nov-2016 11:09

I would like to ask about any possibilities that could make our marriage possible - I don't need to marry her today because she is a woman that I waited whole my life and I can wait more as I know I can be happy only with her.

If her family is traditional and "strong", you will face resistance.

She may become an outcast and be disowned by her prepared.

I found that most of the Indian men do not respect a woman the way she wants him to.

And this is where Americans and Europeans are in a win-win situation. He cared very much for me (he still does), he understands me very well, he is a nice person - this is what attracted me to him!

I completely agree with your statement - "From my experience, there seems to be a belief that, in spite of our TV shows, our media and movie reputation, us American men have a reputation for treating our wives very well".

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