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Also expected to join Ferguson in his new show: Secretariat the pantomime horse, and his longtime showrunner Michael Naidus.It’s expected that the new show, which will target a fall 2016 launch, will be shot in Los Angeles.He has recently been reported to be seeing the actress Amy Yasbeck.

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In the years that they were there, they ploughed the depths of greed, insanity and nihilism, which is to say that they participated fully in the civic activity of Beverly Hills, their chosen parish."Ferguson has written a work of fiction, but don't the contents have a distinctly autobiographical ring? "Put it this way, I could not have written this book without drawing heavily on my own experiences."He breaks off from our conversation to hug Mac Lachlan for a photographer and looks every inch the LA star, lean and tanned, with a gleaming white smile and wearing a black jacket over a crew-neck sweater.

Picture taken, he returns seamlessly to the contents of a book that, among its targets, lampoons Hollywood.

Sprinkled throughout are Fraser's mental encounters with Carl Gustav Jung, the father of dream analysis, and caustic allegories about modern life.

The story is, as one character observes, a mix of the sacred and the profane.

“I think I’m a very good hooker — I get a lot of repeat customers.” Ditto the extensive notes producers gave him about that night’s guests.

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