Who is peter andre currently dating

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He's the perfect guy, he treats his girls like a queen and I can just imagine he's a freak in the sheets. I was at a Clothes Show event he was at and he came over while filming.

During his time on I'm A Celebrity, Andre developed an on-screen romantic relationship with fellow contestant, Katie Price.

Andre and Price got married two years after the show's finale; they had two children, and released the 2006 album A Whole New World together, before divorcing in 2009.

Fresh and a bit crazy, with great features (including the slightly surreal Mayor Of Where? I was meant to be watching the rugby in The Royal Box but I’m wearing bloody trainers and jeans, and I haven’t shaved, so… I have spoken to her, though – not the baby, I’ve spoken to Fearne! After they split – amicably, he’s said – Ellie wrote songs about their relationship, which she included in her 2012 album Halcyon Tell us about your most awkward celebrity interview? I pranced around the Children In Need stage, live to thousands of people, to Circle Of Life from The Lion King and I loved every second of it. I’d put money on him going quite far in this competition. I saw an interview with him and he said: ‘I’m doing Strictly before I get to the age where my daughters think I’m a knob.’ As soon as I read that, I thought: ‘I love you! I mean, obviously if you’ve watched his videos from back in the day, he’s just incredible, isn’t he? I’m just quite happy at the moment for the grannies not to know me. He trumped everyone anyway by getting Stevie Wonder in.

), it’s become essential listening – which is why we’re relieved to discover we won’t be losing Greg totally to TV anytime soon… Your pal and Radio 1 co-host Fearne Cotton has just had her second baby. [Puts on a weird posh voice] Yes, I had a very short conversation with Honey – she sends her best. ’ No, Honey’s absolutely fine and I’m hoping to see Fearne in the next few weeks but she seems to be very well. Er, just somebody that appreciates my weirdness and isn’t freaked out by it, basically. I really like doing silly stuff like that, so I don’t think I’d like to be constrained by a desk. You’ve been acting, too – will there be any more Dead Air? I absolutely doing stuff like that and that’s what I was saying about not doing Strictly and not wanting to be an X Factor judge – I just feel like I’ve got other stuff that I have a real burning passion for. So yeah, hopefully it goes somewhere – or if not, I’ll keep going with something else because it’s not just a whim. Those are my favourite things to watch, whether it’s The Office or things from way back like Fawlty Towers or American shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Being honest, we’re a little miffed the call had to end so soon.

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