Who is stevie baggs dating

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His reply, “There isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle.” “Eating clean is important but I do have occasional cheat days.” I was happy to know that the invitation was extended on a cheat day. Fun Food Facts about Stevie Baggs Jr: *His favorite restaurant in Atlanta: Busy Bee Cafe.

We started with kale slaw and squash soup as appetizers. *His favorite restaurant in Canada: Earls *Favorite Food: HOW DOES HE LIKE HIS BURGER COOKED???

He is also working on his first book Greater Than The Game.

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I decided to patronage the Farm Burger located in Dunwoody.

Being a keen believer that a restaurant has to be pleasing, both and to the palate, I was immensely pleased once I opened the doors.

What I admired most about the foundation is it is one of few foundations that are coed, as CTEA mentors girls and boys.

CTE empowers the youth by focusing on very important aspects of life such as nutrition, personal hygiene and health.

If a menu has G2 (Gouda or goat cheese) it’s already off to a great start in my book.

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