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by  |  08-Mar-2017 09:39

You have kicked ass and taken names for years and now you’re supposed to ACT LIKE YOU’RE LESS THAN YOU ARE just to get a man.

But in reaction to that, you’re entering into situations feeling conflicted and pissy and making assumptions that a guy is less than he is.

Most of the men I know would leap out of their skin with joy at meeting a woman who’s hot and smart and has an established career and asks for what she wants directly.

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It’s pretty fucking hard to be happy when your culture informs you at every turn that your happiness is an impossibility. “You want to fuck everything you see.” Um, newsflash: Some small part of all animal brains wants to fuck everything it sees and eat everything it sees and sleep half the day.

That doesn’t mean we’re incapable of being satisfied spending our life in pairs, tuning into each other emotionally, living together, cooperating, and, yes, ACTIVELY SEEKING TO SATISFY EACH OTHER. I don’t believe that men are such abject losers that they can’t bear to be in the company of great women.

A woman, who is considered beautiful, is someone with flawless, lovely features and who has a great sense of style.

When a man looks at her, he is immediately attracted to her. But a regular or shy man may be scared as hell to even approach her.

If a man is not happy with what he has achieved, he will definitely have low self-esteem.

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